HDSalon for your Hair Salon, Spas and Beauty Salon

  • Very intuitive user interface to manage your appointments.
  • Quick and easy checkout.
  • Customizable color schemes.
  • Dashboard view of today’s appointments.
  • Manage appointment workflow.
  • Update your customers via SMS about their appointments.
  • See calendar view in daily, weekly and monthly mode.
  • View appointments of multiple employees in a single view.
  • View appointments of entire location.
  • Mouse over for detailed information of appointments.
  • Convert appointments into sales invoices directly from calendar view.
  • Manage stock of items used in services.
  • Add over the counter items at the time of billing or at the time of creating appointments.
  • Define work shifts of your employee.
  • Define employee expertise.
  • Manage availability of shared equipments.
  • Block times for employees to manage off days and hours.
  • View customers appointment / Purchase history.
  • Create attractive packages for services provided in a given period of time.
  • Manage gift cards.
  • Setup schemes and offers.
  • Enroll your customers in loyalty points.
  • Create discount coupons .

Why HDSalon?

HDSalon comes with lots of attractive features which makes it the best salon software for your business. Following are some of the interesting features.

  • Appointment calendar to easily create and schedule appointments.
  • Manage walk-ins (visit).
  • Fast and easy checkout process. (this is vital for every salon software).
  • Flexible and easy to use.
  • Create Packages that are a combination of services such as facial, pedicure, manicure etc.
  • Define attractive offers and send SMS to customers about the same.
  • Manage different views of calendar.
  • Send appointment reminder to customers.
  • Reorder Set-Up buttons to see only functionalities used by you.
  • Get Email and SMS notification of your daily business through scheduler without your staff's knowledge.

Appointment Calendar

  • Quick overview of today’s appointments.
  • Color coding of appointment status.
  • Easy drag and drop of appointment.
  • Cut, copy and paste an appointment.
  • Block time slots of employees for meetings.
  • Send Email and SMS to customer on booking an appointment.
  • Manage startup window as Calendar, Billing or Setup.
  • Easily know the conflicting appointments of employees/customers/resources.
  • Create daily, weekly and monthly repeating appointments.
  • Attach products that are to be used for servicing in appointment.
  • Attach additional purchase of the products in the appointment.

Employee Manager

  • Create new Employees and define their designations.
  • Assign services that they can perform.
  • Define employee working hours, weekly holiday and lunch break.
  • Define which of your employees can have appointments and can be attached in sales invoice.
  • Give commission to employees while making sales invoice.
  • Give commission to multiple employees in single invoice.
  • Distribute the commission between the employees for the service they provide.
  • Pass Journal Voucher entry to pay the commission.

Appointment Manager

  • Manage customer, supplier and employee appointments.
  • Send customer details of appointment via SMS/ emails.
  • Create repeated appointments for specific time & day of the week, month, year.
  • Specify duration of appointments to manage your daily schedule.
  • Easily check availability of any employee for a specific appointment.
  • Attach products and services to the Appointments, so that it is easy to convert an appointment into the final invoice at the billing counter.
  • Create user-fields specific to appointments.
  • Add Notes at the end of each appointment.
  • Easily know the customer’s invoice and item sales history.


  • Create packages of services.
  • Apply discounts and free items for packages.
  • Sell package to customers.
  • Create partial invoice of the package.
  • Send Email and SMS to customers for the services that are due.
  • Apply package in appointment.
  • Set the expiry date of the package and can change the expiry date whenever required.
  • Activate/Deactivate particular package as and when required.

Service Item

This module helps in the creation of new service items and special packages for various different services.

  • Easily create Service Items for the services you render like manicure, pedicure, facial etc.
  • Specify the duration of the service at the time of item creation.
  • Create special packages that are a combination of facial, pedicure, manicure etc.
  • No stock maintenance for service items.

Pictorial Billing

  • Complete Image driven user interface for easy and quick billing.
  • Touch screen support. Quick check out to handle your rush hours.
  • Add items to your bill with single click or touch.
  • Picture display when selecting item on the invoice screen.
  • View your items category wise, search filters for easy search.

Access Rights

  • Create employee logins and know transactions done by employee.
  • Set passwords to access certain functionality
  • Associate Cash register to employee login and restrict access to specific business location cash registers.
  • If you have multiple companies defined restrict access to only a specific company.
  • Provide access to functionality from anywhere through SMS.
  • Define sessions for employees to log in.
  • Create functionality group and allow or disallow access to that functionality group.


  • Pre-defined reports that help you analyze your business.
  • Request for customized reports as per your requirement.
  • Analyze your business with reports like Trial Balance, Profit and Loss & Balance Sheet.
  • Get reports of your daily sales, cash register balance etc at your finger tips through our SMS/ Scheduler feature.
  • Get reports of your stock based on specific custom fields (eg. Daily sales by category, brand).
  • View reports of customer outstanding.
  • Advanced option to preview, convert report to pdf or email/ SMS report.

Drill Down

  • Define Category Tree and create multiple views of your categories and sub-categories.
  • Stock Drill down will give you a view of stock in a detailed manner depending on the selected category tree.
  • You can get a complete view of your stock, Item sales price, purchase price and difference in sales and purchase price.
  • Get your total stock along with its value at any time.
  • Daily Sales Drill Down give you different views of your item catalogue.
  • Analyze your daily sales in multiple levels of your categories.
  • View sale of a specific brand, specific category for a date range easily.
  • View Balance Sheet / Trial Balance / Profit and Loss Drill Down Report.
  • Double click any line item in important financial screens like balance sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial balance and see further break down.


  • Easily key in your customer details and know who your customers are and what services they regularly use.
  • Define loyalty programs for your shop and give your customers loyalty points.
  • Attract your customers with frequent offers and discounts.
  • Create separate Pricelist for different customer groups.
  • Define collections for your customers.
  • Your customer's can buy Gift cards and give it to their loved ones.
  • Get your customers attention by sending them SMS of their transaction made or SMS them special discounts on special occasions.
  • Send notification as SMS and Email to customers about the upcoming appointments.

Customize your Invoices

  • Get your invoice designed the way you like it.
  • Have a personal touch in your bills.
  • Use pre-printed stationery to save costs and establish your brand.
  • Connect with your customers better by printing invoices in your regional language.
  • We do your invoice customization for FREE as part of our support services.

Print your barcode stickers

  • Design your own sticker layout.
  • Personalize your stickers by using your logo and design.
  • Use normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing.
  • Support for dedicated sticker printers.
  • Support for A4 size sticker sheets.
  • Support for partial sheet printing.

Complete Financial Accounting

  • Maintain your accounting books.
  • Maintain your bank accounts.
  • Maintain petty cash/Issue Journal Vouchers.
  • Maintain daybook like entries and manage your Salon expense accounts like rent, electricity bills.
  • HDSalon manages your Financial Accounts for you.
  • Automated Journal Entries passed for every transaction made.
  • Create your own additional Financial Accounts.
  • View individual/ combined ledger transactions.
  • Get to see your petty cash/ cash register transactions.
  • Record details of cheque deposited to bank and mark it cleared.
  • Manage customer advance payments.
  • Close your Accounts at the end of the financial year.

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