Inventory Management

HDSchool has a lot of interesting features to offer when it comes to inventory management like categorization of products, tracking products across locations, managing item prices and so on. Here’s how you can manage your inventory with the help of HDSchool.

Item Management

This feature allows you to create your school’s inventory items with their attributes such as measuring units, purchase price, conversion factors etc. You can categorize your inventory items to different categories. In addition this feature allows you to create custom fields as per your needs.
  • Quickly create items/products through excel upload.
  • You can add your own Data fields to HDSchool. For example, you can create additional fields like Size, Color etc for the school uniform.
  • You can add opening stock of the product/item in a specific department.
  • Create your own categories and categorize your items as per the same.
  • Add Images of your products (items).


This feature allows you to define department wise reorder levels for your inventory items.
  • You can define a reorder quantity for your inventory items.
  • Items at or below their reorder level are listed on the stock manager window.
  • This is important because you would not only ensure that you have enough stock when required but also that you do not overstock.


This feature allows you view department wise available stock of your inventory items. You can also view the items that are below their reorder level and you can raise purchase order for those items.
  • View item wise available stock in each department.
  • View item wise low stock in each department.
  • You can also get reports like Item wise stock, Item wise low stock, department wise Stock etc.

Stock Ledger

With this feature you can quickly view the department wise opening and closing stock of specific item.
  • View date wise stock transaction of a specific item.
  • View school wise stock transaction of each item.
  • View opening and closing stock of a specific item in a date range.