Smart Billing

  • Quick and easy Billing, scan items with barcode, smart name searches, item search codes.
  • Add your own data fields to your HDPOS smart. For example: weight, Manufacturer, Best before, Package date etc.
  • Complete weighing scale interface to weigh your items at time of sale and purchase.
  • Auto offers and schemes management on billing screen. Notify customers about applicable offers.
  • Auto price by customer groups, business locations.
  • Manual Price Control, selection of price for items with multiple Prices.
  • Manage your items batch and expiry dates.
  • Allow more than one item under same barcode.
  • Spot discount for last minute negotiations.
  • Manage details on your product delivery effectively.
  • Create multiple price lists; accept payments in different payment modes.
  • Manage your purchase entries and supplier payments.
  • Manage different sales tax per item for the active bill.
  • Immediately take your Retail Store online & reach the world to increase your sale.

Data Correction

  • Easy data correction and action audit capabilities.
  • Secured way to edit / delete wrong invoices.
  • Intelligent way of shifting the invoice numbers to fill in the gaps of wrong invoices.
  • Secured way to edit / delete purchase entries.
  • Correct your data entries in all document types.
  • Smart and Auto management of transaction records associated with data corrections.

Batch Management

  • Maintain multiple batches of the same item in the inventory.
  • Maintain different sales prices for batches.
  • Auto warning for expired goods while doing sales return and sales invoices.
  • View item list and stock that is nearing expiry for easy return to supplier.
  • Let system manage batched by FIFO or manage batches manually.

Manage your Large Inventory

  • Manage your large inventory. Easily upload 50000+ SKU’s.
  • Create your own categories and sub categories and have different views of your inventory.
  • Introduce a new category level in your line of products at any time.
  • Inventory can be viewed at any category level with rolled up totals.
  • Stock Drill down will give you a view of stock in a detailed manner depending on the selected category tree.
  • You can get a complete view of your stock, Item sales price, purchase price and difference in sales and purchase price.
  • Get your total stock along with its value at any time.
  • Easy and quick way to do stock audits and finding discrepancies in actual stock and expected stock.
  • Support of excel files while doing stock audits.

Manage Stock

  • Manage different Measuring unit for the same commodity for purchase and sales.
  • Easy auto conversion between wholesale bundles to lose sale (auto Make and Break)
  • Manage BOM (Bill of Materials).
  • Price Calculations based on Bill of Material, packaging and labor costs.
  • Perform Sorting if you have purchased your items in larger quantity and want to make smaller packets to sell items.
  • Manage your dump stock and keep record of your wastage.

Stock Movement

  • Manage multiple godowns / warehouses.
  • Easily move stock between warehouses.
  • Keep stock in Transit, Stock Requisition Notes.
  • Keep track of stock kept at different customer locations (but not yet billed).
  • Manage stock for different companies in the same warehouse.
  • View stock for a single company or composite stock of multiple companies.
  • Move stock between two companies.
  • View Ledger page of stock transactions for any item at any warehouse between any two dates.
  • Simple Double-Click on any transaction on the ledger page to view the associated document.
  • View the stock transaction totals of the item between the dates specified.

Stock Corrections

  • Easy and quick way to do stock audits and finding discrepancies in actual stock and expected stock.
  • Simple way to correct the stock and document missing stock.
  • Every stock change will create a document in the system to make is easy to track and audit stock changes.
  • Manage Dump stock (example, fruits and vegetables)
  • Support for EXCEL files while doing stock audits.

Daily Sales

  • Quickly view bills made from a specific terminal.
  • Quick view of last few bills.
  • Analyze your daily sales view broken by items.
  • Apply Inventory “Views” to daily sales.
  • View Daily sales as rolled up totals at any level in your category tree or view.
  • View Sales Totals between any date and time range.
  • View corresponding Sales Invoices or Sales Returns of items mentioned in Daily Sales View.

Customize your Sales Invoice

  • Create your own Invoice format.
  • Establish branding on your invoice.
  • Use logos, specific fonts.
  • Print Invoices in your regional language like Hindi, English, Marathi, Arabic etc.
  • Add your terms and conditions in Invoice.
  • Support for dot-matrix printer in text mode.

Print your Barcode Stickers

  • Design and print your own barcode stickers for your garments.
  • Personalize your stickers by using your logo and design.
  • Use normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing.
  • Support for dedicated sticker printers.
  • Support for A4 size sticker sheets.
  • Support for partial sheet printing.

Tax Management

  • Tax definition in HDPOS is simple and flexible.
  • Easily add Tax while you define item or doing excel upload. Apply additional tax at Invoice level.
  • If you have to collect more than one tax HDPOS smart allows you to define custom tax structures on your items.
  • Manage taxes like Excise, LBT and other state and central level taxes.
  • You can change your tax definitions in the way tax applicability changes time to time.
  • You can choose what tax to apply per item on a running bill or while making purchase entry.

Customer Management

  • Quick Customer record creation.
  • Group Customers in many different ways.
  • Manage Customer level Credit Limits.
  • View Customer wise payment aging information.
  • Notify customers via SMS/emails about pending payments.
  • Easily create Loyalty Programs, Gift cards, discount coupons.
  • Sell Gift cards of any value, Receive payments using gift cards, recharge existing gift cards.
  • Define several schemes and promotions to attract customers.

2-way SMS support

  • Send your Invoices and receipts to customers via SMS. SMS can be sent in your Regional language too.
  • You, as the business owner, can also receive Reports like Daily Sales, Stock position, Cash Register Balance Etc via SMS on a predefined time from your computer.
  • You can send Simple SMS (ex: “RPT4”) to HDPOS smart to get the report of your choice SMS back to you. This is very useful when you are away from your computer.
  • SMS can work over simple dongle.
  • We also have SMS gateway. You can take account with Bulk SMS gateway providers.
  • HDPOS smart will integrate with your SMS gateway provider using HTTP API.

Financial Accounting

  • All System required accounts are Auto Generated.
  • You can create any number of additional Financial Accounts.
  • Connect all your Financial Accounts, Company and Financial Transactions to Tally.
  • Create Company, Financial Accounts and Financial Transactions in Tally from HDPOS smart via simple export and Import.
  • Flexibility to define multiple “Views” of financial accounts.
  • Ability to view Composite Ledgers.
  • Powerful Cash Register Management.

Analytical Reports

While you are using HDPOS smart you can run several reports which can be customized to your business needs:
  • You can check which product you are selling most.
  • You can get report on your fast moving items.
  • You can get reports on your dump stock.
  • You can get reports on your dead stock.
  • You can check your sales report and see what your maximum rush hour is. This will help you manage your staffing accordingly.
  • You should also be able to quickly see your daily sales statistics, sales returns, stock items and short stocks.

Event Log Management

  • Control and record the data changes in your HDPOS smart database.
  • Get to know what happens at your shop even when you are not around.
  • Record data change events like, change in item prices, adding of new items etc.
  • Record data view events like what report was run, by whom, which button was clicked to view certain data and by whom.
  • Define your own events to record an event every time item details are updated.
  • Define an event for item detail change.
  • Create event for any object in the system.
  • Get notification of an event via email or SMS. Record events in the system and view them later in reports or on the screen.

Access Rights

  • Extremely flexible in managing user roles and restricting access to various parts by login id and Action History.
  • Granular control on all functionalities.
  • Create your own additional passwords to access specific areas of application.
  • Restrict access from areas of application from specific computer.
  • Create user groups, functionality groups and manage your own access rights effectively.

Discounts Coupons and Offers

  • Create many types of offers.
  • Discount on items / Discount on full invoice amounts.
  • Spot discounts facility for last moment discounts for special customers.
  • Create different kinds of discount Coupons.
  • Print / Email / SMS Coupons in customized designs.
  • Make Customer specific Coupons. Attach Coupons with offers to limit date range.
  • Create “One Time Use” or “Unlimited” or “Limited” usage Coupons.
  • Make News Paper / Handout Coupons.


  • Receive critical information about your business at specific times in a day via SMS or email.
  • Have HDPOS smart send your reports on set times in a day.
  • Set the reports to be generated at the login time and logout time.
  • Get SMS & email notification of your daily business from your computer when your staff closes the shop for the day.

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