Item Management

Worried about managing your inventory? Get HDPOS Smart, the best inventory management software there is and run your business in a smooth and hassle free manner!
  • Taking stock of the goods and keeping track of the inventory is essential for every business whether it is a garment business or a restaurant or a grocery store one.
  • Stock management software solutions are thus essential to the smooth functioning of such businesses.
  • HDPOS Smart is just the right fit for your business if you are looking to manage your stock, monitor it and make corrections as and when necessary in order to ensure seamless business operations.
  • HDPOS provides complete Stock and inventory management for all your products. Here’s why you should opt for HDPOS Smart.
  • Read on to learn about the features of this innovative and dynamic stock management software.

Why HDPOS Smart is right for your business?

HDPOS provides complete Stock and inventory management for all your products. Here’s why you should opt for HDPOS Smart.
  • Easily Transfer your Stock from one department to another.
  • Stock Correction helps you correct your mismatched stock.
  • Manage your Dump Stock.
  • You can directly do PO and stock transfer request also.
  • Export your item list with stock to excel easily.
  • Export all sales from one godown to another godown with a click of a button.
  • Print Barcode Stickers from stock manager directly.
  • HDPOS allows you to view batch wise stock details of an item from stock manager.
  • View Stock Drill Down of all items in your database.
  • You can also check in and out transfers of items from one godown to another.

How to transfer stock using HDPOS Smart?

HDPOS’s stock management software suite allows our users to manage their stock in different godowns and easily transfer stock from one godown to another. Here are a few interesting features that have proven to be very helpful for various retail businesses.
  • Stock Transfer document can be very long at times, HDPOS now allows you to hold your Stock transfer document in progress while you complete other work.
  • You can pick your held stock transfer document and complete the transaction at a later time.
  • You can do container stock transfer from one godown to another godown.(very useful in sweet shops and bakeries)

How to correct stock entries using HDPOS?

Stock correction is another important feature that many businesses demand for managing stock. Here’s how you can correct stock entries using HDPOS Smart.
  • HDPOS provides you with a special type of godown called stock correction godown.
  • This godown is used to correct your stock like missing or broken items and/or dump stock.
  • Many times and for many different reasons (like in correct data entry) the actual stock and stock in your HDPOS database do not match.
  • You can match your stock in HDPOS database with your physical stock.
  • Stock management allows users to correct their stock.
  • You can also reset the item stock to zero in stock correction godown.

Handling of Dump Stock

Customers who sell fresh produce like dairy products, fresh fruits/ vegetables require management of their dump stock and HDPOS’s stock management software solution helps them handle it in the following manner.
  • Many times you need to mark certain items as not usable (due to expiry). You can mark this stock as Dump Stock directly from your Stock Manager.
  • In your dump stock screen you can choose to specify the dump quantity or upload the dump stock details using excel.
  • This operation corrects your stock and also maintains the value of your stock that has gone waste.
  • You can get a report of the actual value of dump stock items for a given period and plan your purchases more efficiently to avoid losses in future.
  • Stock correction and dump stock specification can be done via EXCEL upload.
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Maintain your Deleted Invoice Item Stock

Sometimes, it is necessary to fix data entry errors by deleting invoices. HDPOS gives you the ability to specify which godown should hold the stock of items that were part of deleted invoices.

Handling Franchise Store

Handling franchise stores too is now possible with HDPOS’s stock management software. This helps in reducing data entry issues at the franchise outlets.
  • Receive stock transfer request from your Franchise in Excel format.
  • In Sales Invoice manager we now allow Import Excel file.
  • Once Invoice is made, smoothly export sales invoice into excel.
  • Your franchise customer can import as purchase invoice (Received Item Entry) making the process quick and less error prone.