There are times when your customer wants to exchange their old item and in return purchase a new item of same or greater value. The items that the customer is exchanging may not have been sold by you. For example, old Mobile Phone, or old jewellery. Using our exchange manager you can :
  • Easily accept Items that your customer is exchanging.
  • You can also create a new item in your database for the item being accepted by you.
  • This exchange will increase the stock of accepted items.
  • Exchange operation will create a new "Exchange Document" in the system with date and document number.
  • The credits given for the exchange document can be used on same day or even at a later day against customer purchases.
  • Credits given on a single exchange can also used against multiple purchases by customers.
  • You also use credits accumulated for more than one exchanges against a single purchase.
  • You have an option to associate an exchange to a specific customer, so that, the credits received for that exchange can only be used for the purchases made by the same customer.