HDPOS lite Billing Software

HDPOS Lite is a low cost product to get you started with automation. It's a great choice to automate your retail business. At this low cost also this product provides all necessary features for you to do sales, purchases, stock management and financial accounting.

As you get familiar and comfortable with our lines of products you can eventually move up for further automation and higher features of more customized reports and data analytics by using our other products.

Feature List

Easy Billing
  • Get started quickly / Easy billing.
  • Change your billing screen to Grid billing or Pictorial billing interface.
  • Accept payments in cash and credit card.
  • Save your Invoice as an estimate .
  • Keyboard less checkout for touch screens.
  • Scan your items with barcode reader.
  • Quickly select your products by Item name or search code.
  • Easy Sales Return.
Smart Billing
  • Easily change your item quantity and price while making Invoice.
  • Check stock in hand while making invoice.
  • Perform back dated entries and easily change your Invoice prefix.
  • Fix data entry mistakes by deleting bills.
  • Ability to give manual discount for last minute negotiations.
Tax Management
  • Extremely flexible tax management modules.
  • Define simple tax and apply it to your item.
  • Define custom tax structures on your items.
  • Easily change your tax definitions in the way applicability changes.
  • Get your Sales Tax and Purchase Tax reports.
Stock Management
  • Stock management and easy inventory of all your products.
  • Stock Correction godown to manage your missing stock.
  • Easily create GRN and receive items from your supplier.
  • Get your item level stock and stock valuation reports.
  • Purchase return module for managing return to supplier.
  • Support for Laser, thermal & ink Jet printers.
  • Print in both Text and Graphics mode.
  • Pre-defined Invoice formats.
  • Print your Sales Invoice, Purchase bills, Sales returns and Purchase returns.
Customer / Supplier / Employee Management
  • Keep your customer’s information effectively.
  • Manage your supplier details.
  • Manage your employee details and create different logins.
Product Images / Picture
  • HDPOS lite offers a very visual interface.
  • You can specify images to a product.
  • You can also attach images to categories, customers, suppliers.
  • Easy pictorial billing interface.
Analytical Reports
  • Predefined system reports and Invoice formats.
  • Daily collection report to view your daily sales collection.
  • Item wise sales report.
  • Details about your sales and sales return.
  • Category wise stock report.
  • Stock correction and stock valuation report.
  • Supplier wise purchase and purchase return reports .
Cash Register
  • Manage single cash register.
  • Get details of current cash and credit card slips in hand.
  • Easily transfer cash register balance.
  • Get cash register transaction details.
  • Start your day by adding money to your cash register.
Financial Accounting
  • Maintain accounting books.
  • Maintain daybook like entries & manage your expense accounts like electricity bills.
  • Maintain petty cash, Issue general vouchers.
  • View ledger reports.

Why you should use HDPOS lite!

Easy to use

Get started quickly. Lite to setup and simple to use. Pictorial user interface.


Our focus is on customer support. Many ways to reach us with no additional charges.

Low Price

Simple, one time affordable pricing for small and large businesses. No hidden costs.

Future Proof

Frequent software updates with latest features. Free of cost. Remain up to date.