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  • HDPOS smart is a complete Business management software.
  • Your can manage your Billing, Accounts and Inventory.
  • Design and print your barcode stickers.
  • Customize your sales invoice.
  • You can do complete data entry in Arabic language.
  • SMS and Email integration.
  • Manage your upcoming Taxes and file your Tax return.

  • HDPOS smart has extremely flexible Tax management modules.
  • This billing software can handle current taxes of different countries and are already ready for tax changes like VAT.
  • HDPOS smart allows you to define custom tax on your items.
  • The tax structure feature allows you to manage taxes like VAT, GST, IGST, CGST, SGST etc.
  • You can change your tax definitions in the way tax applicability changes time to time.
Posted Date : 16-December-2017

Software is the lifeline of any business and more so in the retail sector as fast-moving consumer goods are usually transacted. Innumerable benefits gain to businesses, if they choose to embrace more technology in their business by adopting the best point-of-sale software that can help power retail store businesses to sure success. Recall the Pareto principle that emphasized that 20% of customers bring 80% of the sales. We will add one more thing here that 80% of your time should go in servicing customers that offer 80% of the revenue meaning those elite 20% customers with high disposable income that your customers want badly in their fold.

Posted Date : 23-November-2017

If you are asking this question,then you are about to take the next technological leap of faith. When companies are conceptualized entrepreneurs need different tools and skills to get the required traction in the market but when the company becomes very big, then diverse kinds of skills and tools are needed like accounting software pos to succeed. A penny saved is a penny earned and inventory is hard cash.

Posted Date : 21-November-2017

Restaurants be it stand alone or the fine dining ones housed within the vicinity of a hotel are public places that see high footfall on weekends. Each guest coming in and going out results in one debit and credit entry that needs to be recorded. Taxes, discounts need to be taken care of and the books need to be tallied at the end of the day. To carry out all this, you need a sound restaurant POS software that can carry out all these tasks. What was once an auxiliary service that was "nice to have" became a "must have" technology tool that was a source of enormous competitive advantage.

Posted Date : 18-November-2017

Retail POS software

Set your own rules : Take full control of your inventory

Inventory management is an indicator of how good you can keep a track on the bottom-line. Any manufacturing, warehousing or production capacity, in any industry cannot afford to have leakages of more than 2% as it will be detrimental to their business. When a company grows to become very big, then you need to employ more technology to make the processes work faster and increase the velocity of workflow.

Posted Date : 15-November-2017

Great stories precede great software and just because you are a small outfit does not mean that you have to rely on paper based book-keeping. Adopting world class software right at the beginning of youroperations will set in a culture of adopting best-in-class technology products which will be good for the business in the long run. Leakages happen even in the smallest of organizations in the form of under-invoicing, wastage, negligence. Every penny that comes in or goes out need to be accounted for in the form of debit and credit entries.

Posted Date : 12-November-2017

Buying the best kind of restaurant POS software can be a challenge for anyone in the food business. Being far away from technology till late 90s, this sector has suddenly seen the advent of technology like no other. With mobile apps beginning to rule the world since the beginning of this decade, food-tech enterprises have ensured that business owners embrace technology at the inception stage itself to convert their business into a super-efficient business enterprise.

Posted Date : 09-November-2017

Point-of-sale software's can actually save your business from substantial losses and offer considerable gains in the medium to long term. Every system you select will have its own set of pros and cons. But you need to decide which one is closer to your budget and can really suit your business needs precisely. It should be easy to install, easily accessible on the go with less down-time. Such intricate details can have a significant impact on the health of a business. You need to go for a different software; if you intend to manage more than one store in distinct categories.

Posted Date : 07-November-2017

Inventory management can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage if you know how to play your cards right. Using the right kind of software for inventory management can help you immensely to analyse information and undertake smart decisions for your business. Keeping the pareto principle in mind and applying it to your business is a good strategy to follow. Here we have listed out a few ways by which you can make the entire inventory management process a whole lot easier:

Posted Date : 13-September-2017

On July 1, 2017, government of India introduced a completely new taxation system for all businesses. At Hyper Drive we provide you business management solutions and hence we have come up with significant modification in all our business management products to help you implement GST.

There are some areas of GST tax return filing which fall out of scope of our product functionality. And there are other area which we implement with various detail levels in our products.

In this article we will try to explain to you how our products implement various aspects of GST. Please note that our discussion here is purely based on our product functionalities and how it works with regards to GST implementation. This article is not about comprehensive explanation of GST, for complete understanding of GST taxation and how to implement it perfectly for your business you will need to consult your tax advisor.

Our products provide you with three options for GST implementation.

  • NO GST: This option is specifically for our international customers or any other customers who wish to not specify any data in the system specific to India GST.
  • GST compliance warnings: This option allows you to continue to do your transactions even if they are not exactly filling the GST guidelines. Our system will warn you in such events but will still allow you to continue with your transactions. ( this is the default setting).
  • GST compliance errors: If this option is selected you will not be able to complete any transactions that will not fulfill basic GST requirements.
Posted Date : 17-August-2017

There are lot of functionalities that are expected out of a billing machine at the checkout counters of retail business. One should be able to prepare the invoices very quickly, check alternatives for an items, apply and suggest existing promotions to the customers etc.
The Billing Software HDPOS smart, with its extremely powerful feature list converts your computer which is being used as a billing machine into a very powerful billing system.

Posted Date : 07-August-2017

Our software applications are built with latest trends while supporting most existing hardware. You will find them touch screen friendly as well as easy to use with mouse and keyboard interface. All applications are updated regularly and all updates are FREE!
Posted Date : 29-July-2017

There are lot of functionalities that are expected out of a billing machine at the checkout counters of retail business. One should be able to prepare the invoices very quickly, check alternatives for an items, apply and suggest existing promotions to the customers etc.

The Billing Software HDPOS smart, with its extremely powerful feature list converts your computer which is being used as a billing machine into a very powerful billing system.

Posted Date : 21-July-2017

If you have to deliver goods to the customer from different counters/ locations depending upon the nature of the item, yet you want to maintain single cash/ billing counter, this feature will be useful for you. You can print KOTs for the items grouped counter wise on same or various different printers on the network.
Posted Date : 10-July-2017

HDPOS smart (POS Software) is lot more than just Point of Sale service software. It can handle and track material or products, receipts from your customers for replacing, customisation, tailoring needs personalization etc.

HDPOS smart (Point of Sale Software) not only tracks the work flow of items received from customers, it allows you to keep customers in the node and facilitates sending SMS, emails to customers at various points in the work flow of the customers requests.

When you receive an item from customer you create a customer receipt document in HDPOS smart (GST Ready POS Software). This document number and document date can be emailed or SMS to customer as well as printed.

Posted Date : 01-July-2017

HDPOS smart (Retail Billing Software) is a state of the art software that is designed to automate retail billing counters and point of sale terminals. It is especially good at handling inventory and financial accounting besides billing activities. This is a feature reach application that can used in variety of retail outlets like grocery store, garment stores, shoe shops, coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, gift shops to name a few.

Posted Date : 15-June-2017