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Manage your inventory and billing better with barcode generator software solutions!

  • With a huge number for products in your inventory, having a unique means of identifying them is very important.
  • Barcode generators are the key to uniquely labelling each item and handling the billing process as well with efficiency.
  • HDPOS Smart allows for barcode generation and is amongst the top notch barcode generator software solutions there in the industry.
  • Read on to learn as to what can be done in terms of barcode generation and management with HDPOS Smart.

Barcode Stickers Module – for easy and efficient management of the inventory

HDPOS Smart has a barcode generator module that lets users print barcode labels, customise them as per store preferences and update them in the system as well.Here are a few of the features of this interesting module:

Barcodes Stickers

  • In your store you will need to identify each item with a unique number. When you are dealing with large number of items, this number can become very large and can cause errors while humanly reading and typing into a computer. In order to avoid such errors barcode generators are handy in that they help the computer read and scan the product numbers quickly without any errors.
  • Most retail products come with a barcode already printed on them from the manufactures. Yet, there are large numbers of products that do not have barcode printed on their packaging and in such a case HDPOS Smart’s barcode generator can come in very handy.
  • HDPOS Smart’s barcode generator allows the use of barcodes that are already printed on the packaging and also lets the store create their own barcodes for the products that do not have barcodes pre-printed on their packaging. This sort of flexibility is an extremely feasible feature in a barcode generator software solution.
  • HDPOS provides you the tools to Design your own Barcode stickers and Print them either on roll of stickers or sheet of stickers.

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