Stand Alone Version (SA)
(For Single cash register)

Price: Rs 17,500 or USD $270
(One Time Cost)
Terms & Condition


Client Server Version (CS)
For Two clients connected to a single server on LAN

Price: Rs 33,000
or USD $500
Additional Client: Rs 10,000
or USD $140
(One Time Cost)


(Cloud Service with two access points)
Price: Rs 14,000 / USD $200 (One time setup)
Price: Rs 3,500 / USD $60 (per month)
Additional Access Point: Rs 800 / USD $16 (Per Month)

HDPOS smart Add-On Services

Client Server Version (CS)
(Additional Client)

Price : Rs 10,000
or USD $140
(One Time Cost)
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Add on Service with HDPOSsmart all version
Price: Rs 1,500 (per month)
or USD $30 (per month)
Payment gateway Integration: Rs. 10,000 or USD $140 (One time setup)
Connect your shops without Cloud Server
(For Client Server Version Customers)
Disconnected Services
  • Use this service if you want to connect more than one shops to your own server located in one of the shops.
  • You can connect all your locations using the Internet and without our Cloud service.
  • Performance of the application will depend on the Internet speed at both locations.
  • In this set up, you keep your data on your computer and also save monthly cloud recurring costs.
Price: Rs 5,000 / USD $100 (one time cost for set-up assistance)
HDPOS smart Synchronization Service
(For Client Server Version Customers)
Synchronization Service
  • This service will be useful if you are using internet and your own server to connect more than one locations of your business.
  • Due to slow and unreliable Internet connections you may face slowness in the application and outages all together.
  • To work at a good performance and avoid system outage due to Internet connection availability, you can use this service.
  • With this service, you will be able to generate sales invoices at remote locations in Disconnected Mode.
  • You will be able to Synchronize your remote computer data with your server with a click of a single button on the remote computer.
  • This will submit all invoices made remotely to the server and also download changes made in the central server to the remote database.
Price: Rs 30,000 / USD $500 (one time cost)

HDPOS smart upgrade

from Single Computer Version to Client Server Version
Terms and Conditions
  • The cost of the conversion HDPOS smart (SA) to HDPOS smart (CS) is: Rs 18,500 / USD $286.

    • Our support staff will help you install HDPOS smart CS on your computer.
    • We will De-activate your HDPOS smart SA key and issue new license keys for HDPOS smart CS.
    • AMC will be due from the date of purchase of HDPOS smart SA.
    • Cost of “AMC” will be Rs 7,000 for two client licenses and every additional license will have the AMC cost of Rs 2000 each.
    • AMC is optional; product will continue to work even if you do not purchase AMC.
Terms and Conditions
  • You will need a Separate License Key for each computer.
  • The invoiced price covers one year of support and free updates.
  • AMC is required only for ongoing support & report services. AMC is optional, product will continue to work even if you did not purchase AMC.
  • AMC will be Rs.3,500 for SA & Rs.7,000 for CS and Rs.2,000 for additional Client.
  • We have 100+ system reports. We will customize maximum of 5 reports (including invoices and barcode stickers) for you as free service. After first 5 reports customizations, for additional report customization, charges will be minimum Rs. 1,000 per report customization. Complex reports may be charged more. We will give you a quotation per report customization requirement.
  • All reports customization requirements will have to be submitted to us in emails. We will not accept verbal only report requirements. We will take 4-7 business days to submit custom reports after requirements are clear. Some complex reports can take longer.
  • We do not provide data entry service and will not make any changes to your data. We will not be doing your data transfer from your old system to new system. We will show you how it can be done, but we will not be doing it for you. You will need to take care of your data yourself.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the security and backups of your database. We do not have access to your data and we are not responsible for loss of your data due to your system failures.
  • We strongly suggest that you take regular back up of your data and maintain a back up either on Internet or on a device other than your main database computer. We can help you set up your back up plans.
  • HDPOS smart gets installed with SQLite in trial mode. You will need to shift to Microsoft SQL server (Express or better) once you start to use the system in real life situation.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is a product of Microsoft Corp. You will need to contact Microsoft for any unrecoverable errors in SQL server database.
  • HDPOS smart comes with a default Login ID and Password. We strongly suggest that you change your password for the default admin login.
  • License key is transferable key. It can be transferred to another computer if your computer hardware fails or upgrades. You must provide an internet connection to the computer that is running our software at least once in 3 days to validate the license key.
  • License key once purchased is non-refundable. License key cannot be transferred to another party.
  • Our Software Products are provided to you without warranty of any kind. You are solely responsible for determining the appropriateness of our products and you assume all risks associated with the use of them, including but not limited to the risks of program errors, damage to or loss of data, unavailability or interruption of operations, suspension or termination the license key or this agreement. Under no circumstances shall Hyper Drive Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd will be liable for any damages and loss of business or loss of profits.
  • Any claim relating to Hyper Drive Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd Licensed Software shall be governed by the laws of the Bangalore, state of Karnataka.

  • Standalone version Rs. 3,500/ year (OR $70 (USD) / YEAR)
  • Client Server Rs. 7,000/ year (Server and two clients) (OR $140 (USD) / YEAR)
  • Each additional client Rs. 2,000/year (OR $40 (USD) / YEAR)
AMC is absolutely optional and it is your choice to buy it or not. Software will continue to function even if you do not purchase AMC.