Smart Billing

  • Easy Pictorial Interface for quick billing with or without touch screen.
  • Picture display when selecting item on the invoice screen.
  • Multiple printer support. Handle your KOTs (Kitchen order token).
  • Add table number to your customer's Invoice for easy tracking.
  • Define your food items recipe and keep track of your raw Material.
  • Take orders over the phone and track your home delivery orders.
  • Maintain customer records, view their previous orders and do target marketing.
  • Define happy Hours schemes to attract your customers.
  • Get your sales invoice customized to include images, business logo, printed in half A4, pre-printed stationery.
  • Plan your large catering orders.

Pictorial Billing

  • View your items category wise, search filters for easy search.
  • You can change dynamically the data view you are using to search the items faster.
  • You can define many different data views / hierarchies of your data.
  • For example, you can choose to see your data as Menu->Cuisine->Type-> etc or in another view you may want to see as Menu->Cuisine etc. This gives you and your customer’s tremendous ability to find a product you are looking for.

Kitchen Order Token (KOT)

  • If you have to deliver the goods to the customer from different counters/locations depending upon the nature of the item, yet you want to maintain single cash/billing counter, you can print KOT’s.
  • KOTs (Kitchen Order Tokens) can be printed for the items grouped counter wise on same or various different printers on the network.
  • Manage your KOT document number and creation date.
  • Print KOTs for an incomplete Invoice.
  • View all KOTs made in an Invoice, estimates, advance booking documents.
  • View KOTs created in date range irrespective of Invoices / Estimates associated.
  • View KOTs printed even if Invoice is not generated.
  • KOT can also be sent as an SMS to you and your customer at time of creation.
  • HDPOS smart also helps you stop malpractices sometimes done in association with KOT by keeping print count for each KOT.

Recipe Management (BOM management)

HDPOS can handle complete manufacturing of your restaurant items and come up with the estimation of the raw materials required for any typical order. Here’s how this restaurant management software manages to do that.
  • Define Bill of Material (BOM) of your menu items along with its making cost.
  • Our "Auto Make" feature makes your "Food items" at time of sale and reduces stock of your raw material.
  • Calculate your manufacturing cost and set your items sales price accordingly.
  • You can also specify profit percentage you want to make and system calculates your sales price.
  • Get reports of your dump stock and track your wastage.
  • When taking bulk orders quickly check your available stock of items and identify short items.
  • Get to know the cost involved in procuring your short stock.

Inventory management

  • Easily add your restaurant items one by one or via quick excel upload.
  • Create your own categories and sub categories and have different views of your inventory.
  • Introduce a new category level in your line of products at any time.
  • Inventory can be viewed at any category level with rolled up totals.
  • Stock Drill down will give you a view of stock in a detailed manner depending on the selected category tree.
  • You can get a complete view of your stock, Item sales price, purchase price and difference in sales and purchase price.
  • Get your total stock along with its value at any time.
  • Easy and quick way to do stock audits and finding discrepancies in actual stock and expected stock.
  • Support of excel files while doing stock audits.

Print on multiple printers simultaneously

  • Print your Sales Invoice & order slip like document on two printers at the same time.
  • This is very useful for Restaurants and Fast food businesses.
  • When your customer places order you can print bill for customer and print another copy in the Kitchen at the same time.

Make Plan

  • Make Plan is a powerful tool HDPOS offers you to plan your production and raw material purchases.
  • You can make estimates for future sales and create Make Plans based on those.
  • You can assign and distribute your production responsibilities to your employees and keep track of their production.
  • Get detailed reports on work performed by individual employees / contractors.
  • Make Plans also give you the ability to view the raw material required for the catering or party orders you take.
  • It can also show you what raw material is falling short and auto generate PO (Purchase Order) for you.
  • Convert your Make Plan document to Invoice when the order gets completed.

Keep Print count of your Sales Invoice and KOT

  • Sometimes you could be losing business if your teller is printing duplicate bills and pocketing the money.
  • Now we have a "print count" on all your invoice, estimates and KOTs. If you see that a specific invoices and estimates are printed more number times than required you can question your teller and stop the malpractices.

Table Booking

Reservation of tables is another aspect that needs to be handled with care when it comes to managing restaurants. Here’s how this restaurant billing system handles this.
  • Reserve / Pre-book a specific table for a date and time.
  • Mark a table "In use" when you have assigned the table to 'Walk in" customers.
  • Add table number to your customer's Invoice for easy tracking.
  • Get to know if tables are vacant/ occupied or reserved instantly. This facilitates a lesser waiting time for customers thus providing for a much better customer experience.

Advance Booking

Handling advance booking for parties and simple get together functions or simply a table for two that is booked in advanced is a pre-requisite for any restaurant billing system and HDPOS manages it quite seamlessly with its powerful capabilities
  • Take party orders from customers and receive advance amount for order.
  • Receive balance payment on order completion.
  • Quickly view advance bookings right for your Main Invoice screen.
  • Convert advance booking to invoice on completion of order.
  • Track changes in order if any.
  • Remember the prices agreed upon when the order was booked.

Tax Management

  • Tax definition in HDPOS is simple and flexible.
  • Easily add Tax while you define item or doing excel upload. Apply additional taxes at Invoice level.
  • If you have to collect more than one tax HDPOS smart allows you to define custom tax structures on your items.
  • Manage taxes like Vat, Service Tax and Service Charges.
  • You can change your tax definitions in the way tax applicability changes time to time.
  • You can choose what tax to apply per item on a running bill or while making purchase entry.

Customer Management

  • Quick Customer record creation.
  • Group Customers in many different ways.
  • Manage Customer level Credit Limits.
  • View Customer wise payment aging information.
  • Notify customers via SMS/emails about pending payments.
  • Easily create Loyalty Programs, Gift cards, discount coupons.
  • Sell Gift cards of any value, Receive payments using gift cards, recharge existing gift cards.
  • Define several schemes and promotions to attract customers.

Stock Corrections

  • Easy and quick way to do stock audits and finding discrepancies in actual stock and expected stock.
  • Simple way to correct the stock and document missing stock.
  • Every stock change will create a document in the system to make is easy to track and audit stock changes.
  • Manage Dump stock (example, fruits and vegetables).
  • Support for EXCEL files while doing stock audits.

Data Correction

  • Easy data correction and action audit capabilities.
  • Secured way to edit / delete wrong invoices.
  • Intelligent way of shifting the invoice numbers to fill in the gaps of wrong invoices.
  • Secured way to edit / delete purchase entries.
  • Correct your data entries in all document types.
  • Smart and Auto management of transaction records associated with data corrections.

Daily Sales

  • Quickly view bills made from a specific terminal.
  • Quick view of last few bills.
  • Analyze your daily sales view broken by items.
  • Apply Inventory “Views” to daily sales.
  • View Daily sales as rolled up totals at any level in your category tree or view.
  • View Sales Totals between any date and time range.
  • View corresponding Sales Invoices of items mentioned in Daily Sales View.

Customize your Sales Invoice

  • Create your own Invoice format.
  • Establish branding on your invoice.
  • Use logos, specific fonts.
  • Print Invoices in your regional language like Hindi, English, Marathi, Arabic etc.
  • Add your terms and conditions in Invoice.
  • Support for pre-printed stationary.
  • Support for dot-matrix printer in text mode.

2-Way SMS Support

  • Send your Invoices and receipts to customers via SMS. SMS can be sent in your Regional language too.
  • You, as the business owner, can also receive Reports like Daily Sales, Stock position, Cash Register Balance Etc via SMS on a predefined time from your computer.
  • You can send Simple SMS (ex: “RPT4”) to HDPOS smart to get the report of your choice SMS back to you. This is very useful when you are away from your computer.
  • SMS can work over simple dongle.
  • We also have SMS gateway. You can take account with Bulk SMS gateway providers.
  • HDPOS smart will integrate with your SMS gateway provider using HTTP API.

Financial Accounting

  • All System required accounts are Auto Generated.
  • You can create any number of additional Financial Accounts.
  • Connect all your Financial Accounts, Company and Financial Transactions to Tally.
  • Create Company, Financial Accounts and Financial Transactions in Tally from HDPOS smart via simple export and Import.
  • Flexibility to define multiple “Views” of financial accounts.
  • Ability to view Composite Ledgers.
  • Powerful Cash Register Management.

Analytical Reports

While you are using HDPOS smart you can run several reports which can be customized to your business needs:
  • You can check which product you are selling most.
  • You can get report on your fast moving items.
  • You can get reports on your dead stock.
  • You can get reports on your dump stock.
  • You can check your sales report and see what your maximum rush hour is. This will help you manage your staffing accordingly.
  • You should also be able to quickly see your daily sales statistics, stock items and short stocks.

Event Log Management

  • Control and record the data changes in your HDPOS smart database.
  • Get to know what happens at your shop even when you are not around.
  • Record data change events like, change in item prices, adding of new items etc.
  • Record data view events like what report was run, by whom, which button was clicked to view certain data and by whom.
  • Define your own events to record an event every time item details are updated.
  • Define an event for item detail change.
  • Create event for any object in the system.
  • Get notification of an event via email or SMS. Record events in the system and view them later in reports or on the screen.

Access Rights

  • Extremely flexible in managing user roles and restricting access to various parts by login id and Action History.
  • Granular control on all functionalities.
  • Create your own additional passwords to access specific areas of application.
  • Restrict access from areas of application from specific computer.
  • Create user groups, functionality groups and manage your own access rights effectively.

Discounts Coupons and Offers

  • Create many types of offers.
  • Buy X and get Y free.
  • Discount on items / Discount on full invoice amounts.
  • Spot discounts facility for last moment discounts for special customers.
  • Create different kinds of discount Coupons.
  • Print / Email / SMS Coupons in customized designs.
  • Make Customer specific Coupons. Attach Coupons with offers to limit date range.
  • Create “One Time Use” or “Unlimited” or “Limited” usage Coupons.
  • Make News Paper / Handout Coupons.


  • Receive critical information about your business at specific times in a day via SMS or email.
  • Have HDPOS smart send your reports on set times in a day.
  • Set the reports to be generated at the login time and logout time.
  • Get SMS & email notification of your daily business from your computer when your staff closes the shop for the day.

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