Label Printing Software

HDPOS Smart’s label printing capabilities
Labelling items and managing them using unique identification numbers is essential for every retail business for this makes tracking and billing very easy. HDPOS Smart can act as your very own label printing software and provide you unique serial numbers for your products. Read on to learn the capabilities of HDPOS Smart w.r.t labelling.
HDPOS provides the following interesting features as a label printing software suite:

Give unique serial numbers to items

  • Label (Serial number) is a unique number attached to an item.
  • For same Item Name and Barcode, you can have a unique label (serial number).
  • Mark your items as "Has Label" at the time of item definition.
  • Assign labels to your items at time of Received Item Entry, Sales Invoice and Stock transfer.
  • Easily track what label numbers were sold to which customers.
  • View item labels that are available in each godown.
  • Assign item labels as per company and business location
  • Specify Labels while transferring stock between two godowns.

Additional Serial Numbers for Items:

HDPOS Smart also has the additional serial numbers facility and this makes it a very efficient and effective label printing software suite. Here’s how the additional serial numbers can be used.
  • For items like Mobile Phones/ televisions you can have more than one serial number to track.
  • Add additional numbers like IMEI Number, Battery Serial Number, Charger Serial Number etc.
  • HDPOS now allows you to record and track various serial numbers associated with single item.
  • We can print these additional numbers in your stickers.