Stock Management

Worried about managing your inventory? HDPOS smart, the best inventory management software, can run your business in a smooth and hassle free manner!
  • Many businesses struggle with inventory management and it is the root cause of most of their problems.
  • After all, with a well managed inventory, one would know when to place orders for items that are low or out of stock, track purchase orders and handle customer enquiries.
  • HDPOS Smart amongst its many other features is also an inventory management software and has a lot of powerful features to offer when it comes to inventory management.
  • Read on to learn more about this unique inventory software and how it can help you manage your business better.

HDPOS smart – the best inventory software for your retail business

  • HDPOS smart has a lot of interesting features to offer when it comes to inventory management like categorization of products, tracking products across locations, managing item prices and so on.
  • Here’s how you can manage your inventory with the help of HDPOS smart, the leading inventory software in the industry.

Item Management

Managing the items in your inventory with the help of this inventory software is quite easy for you can do the following:
  • Define your Products (items) that you deal with in your store in HDPOS system.
  • A unique auto-generated or user defined Barcode for each of your item.
  • While defining your item add its Opening Stock and Purchase price.
  • Add Images of your products (items), this is very helpful in retail outlets and restaurants.
  • Create your own Categories and categorize your items as per the same.
  • You can assign Location of your items in each godown (department);this helps in tracking items across locations and this is an important feature for an inventory management software solution when it comes to stores that are spread across locations.
  • An intelligent Reorder engine that analyses minimum stock quantities to suggest a re-order quantity.
  • Select different flags like sort item, item with BOM, auto make, auto break, service item, Provides AMC, Has Manual Batch, Has Auto Batch and Is a Kit etc while defining item.
  • You can add a Secondary Measuring unit to your item. For example if you want to calculate your product in quantity & grams. Such flexibility makes HDPOS Smart a very powerful inventory software solution.

Custom Fields

This is a very powerful feature and makes HDPOS stand out when from other inventory management software solutions in the industry. HDPOS allows you to specify your own Custom Fields for your items and here’s what you can do with it.
  • You can add your own Data fields to HDPOS smart Ex: Size, Color, Flavor, Design style, Article No, etc.
  • You can add your own data fields in various places in HDPOS like Items, Customers, Supplier, Financial accounts, Customer Item and Appointment.
  • You can also get customized reports based on your custom fields! This is a very helpful feature in an inventory software solution.

Dual Measuring Unit

  • Keep the stock of item in Dual Mode in your HDPOS inventory software.
  • If you deal with material like Sugar Sacks. You want to keep stock in Quantity (number of sacks) as well as Weight (KGs) of sugar; you can do that easily in HDPOS. This will help you continue to work the way you do today and make it very easy for you to tally your stock and financial accounts.
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Weighing Scale/ Measured Items

  • HDPOS’s inventory software has a Weighing Scale interface allows our users to weigh items at the time of sale.
  • HDPOS is interfaced with our own Phoenix weighing scales. Please call our customer support and get more information.
  • HDPOS allows you to sell your items in fractions (1.5 grams); this feature is useful for Grocery / Retail Stores.

Perform Sorting

HDPOS Smart’s inventory management software offers powerful sorting features.
  • Sorting is useful if you have purchased your items in larger quantity and you want to make smaller packets to sell them.
  • Sorting helps if you have 1 Kg Cashews and you want to make smaller packets like 100gm, 200gm etc.
  • Based on Conversion Factor system calculates your sorted item purchase price.
  • Your Dump Stock gets calculated and you can keep record of your wastage.
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Bill of Material (BOM)

This feature lets you define your item level BOM and make items using the Make and Break management module. This is an important ask feature from an inventory software when it comes to restaurants, cafes and eatery joints. Here’s how you can make and break using HDPOS’s inventory management software.
  • You can also define BOM (Bill of Material) of the item while defining the item. This way you can calculate the accurate sales price based on the purchase price of your raw material and making costs.
  • Our Automake feature makes your end product automatically. A very useful feature for Pizza/ Bakery/ Restaurants.
  • Manufacturing firm or pizza parlor or jewelry store etc can include the Making cost of the item besides its raw material as its purchase cost.
  • This is very helpful as it gives you the correct idea of your Expense in making an item and you can set its sales price accordingly. This is also useful while checking your Profit Margins per item and this is an important feature when it comes to an inventory software solution for restaurants.
  • Auto break will break item into its BOM while you receive your main item.
  • User can sell main item i.e. auto break item or child items i.e. BOM elements of automake item. e.g.
    • Receive a packet which has shirts of same brand/ style but different sizes.
    • HDPOS gives you ability to sell Packet as a whole or sell individual shirts in the packet.