Easy Billing

Do your customers complain of having to wait a long time for their billing? Use HDPOS’s Easy Billing Software to quicken the process and improve customer satisfaction!
  • Customer satisfaction is the key to sustenance in every business and ensuring that customers have a hassle free and smooth experience at your store/outlet is very important.
  • More often than not, businesses struggle to manage the queues at the billing counter and this in turn drives away customers. Most businesses today look for an easy billing software solution that lets them process the customer queues faster and in an efficient manner.
  • HDPOS Smart offers a smooth solution when it comes to billing and is a leading billing software solution in the industry.
  • HDPOS Smart has a wide feature list and its billing capabilities have helped many a business manage customer queues in an efficient manner.
  • Read on to learn what makes HDPOS Smart the best easy billing software there is!
HDPOS Smart – the right billing software solution for your business.
  • HDPOS Smart has a wide feature list and its billing capabilities have helped many a business manage customer queues in an efficient manner. Here are some of the most important features of the leading billing software

POS Main

Here’s how HDPOS Smart’s billing software helps in improving the billing efficiency
  • Provides an easy, fast and hassle free checkout for customers.
  • Has Express pay option to handle your rush hour sale.
  • Can scan items quickly at checkout with Barcode scanner integration.
  • Offers Multiple Modes of payment cash, credit card, cheque, advance, pending, store credit, gift card, Bank transfer, food coupon, subsidy. This is a sought after feature in a billing software.
  • Easily add Additional Tax & Additional charges at time of Sales Invoice.
  • Make multiple Cash registers and track your cash register's performance.
  • Complete weighing scale interface to help you weigh your items at time of sale.
  • Give Sales commission to your employees by adding sales executive's name on invoice.
  • View your item Stock on main sales invoice screen and check your Item's location in a single window using this billing software.
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Sales Invoice

The generation of sales invoice is important when it comes to quickening the checkout process for customers. Here’s how this easy billing software helps businesses
  • HDPOS can handle Multiple Customers by allowing you to Hold current invoice and pick it later.
  • Secured way to give last minute Spot Discount or make a Price Change for your customers.
  • Ability to handle Home Delivery orders by keeping your invoice as undelivered and later mark it as delivered.
  • Take a quick Estimation print out for your customers.
  • Convert your Multiple Estimates into a single sales invoice, useful if you deliver goods regularly and bill only at the end of the month or after a specific period.
  • Redeem your customer's Loyalty Points during invoicing, this is becoming an increasingly popular ask feature from various clients when it comes to a billing software solution.
  • Save paper and Go Green by sending invoice as an email and SMS.
  • Add Quick Notes in your sales invoice for customers like "Thank you for payment" etc.
  • Add Item Level Notes in your sales invoice with every item.
  • Call us and we would be happy to help you fully customize your Sales Invoice.
  • Sell your items with multiple Serial Numbers useful while selling mobile phone or other electronic devices.
  • Clone your 'Sales invoice' and 'Receive item Entry' for repeat orders; this is a particularly useful feature in a billing software solution.
  • Add Multiple Sales Price to your item.
  • Fix your data entry mistakes by Editing or Deleting your sales Invoices.

Auto Sales Price Calculation

Not only does this feature speed up the check out process, it also eliminates the errors that employees would otherwise make when calculating the price. This feature lets HDPOS Smart stand out amongst other easy billing software solutions. Here’s how auto sales price calculation can be done with the help of HDPOS Smart. HDPOS helps you auto calculate your sales prices in 3 places.
  • In the general settings, you can specify your Default percentage margin over purchase price, based on that, your sales price gets auto calculated when creating a new item. You can change the sales price of course.
  • While entering Received Item Entry (Purchase Bill), you can specify, per item, the Sales Price Margin you want to keep above the purchase price, and your sales price will be computed accordingly and applied to the respective items when you save your received item entry document.
  • You can define a Default Discount Percentage on a price list . When any new item gets added in HDPOS, the discounted price list will add its discounted price automatically. This is useful when creating a price list for distributors and other customer whom you offer fixed discounts.

Sales Return

Return policies need to be set up in the software when it comes to retail businesses and being able to do so with the help of a billing software solution is extremely useful. Here’s how HDPOS Smart helps you enter and handle the return of purchased products with its easy billing software solution.
  • Accept your sales return by entering Item Name or Sales invoice number.
  • Set up store wide Sales Return Policy.
  • Accept your sales return and return customers their money by Cash, Store Credit, Gift Card and Issue Cheque or by return Bank Transfer.
  • If you have made Sales Invoice with offers or spot discounts for your customers, HDPOS allows you to accept partial sales returns.
  • Accept sales return of invoices paid by Gift card.
  • Accept sales return without invoice number.
  • Adjust customer's pending Invoices while adjusting sales return money.
  • With HDPOS smart you can exchange an item for another item with same or higher price (Composite Sales Return).