Get your Shop Online !

Here’s how HDPOS Smart’s billing software helps in improving the billing efficiency
  • No need to spend additional time and efforts to get your Website designed and developed.
  • Get your Shop Online in less than an hour !
  • HDPOS smart provides a Companion e-commerce website to get your store on the Internet very quickly.
  • All your products, updated prices, stock, Internet invoices, can be synchronized to your local system with a click of a single button.
  • Many Web designs to choose from.
  • Website is completely integrated with your HDPOSsmart.
  • When you change items, prices etc in HDPOS they will also reflect on your website.
  • Orders generated on website will show up on your HDPOS smart terminal
  • Get your Online shop Integrated with Payment Gateway and open the doors to the world.
  • Check out our sample online shop

Easy setup for your online store.

  • Customize the e-Commerce pages with Store name, Logo and own choice of Banners & Advertisements following minimum settings in your HDPOS smart.
  • Have your Product Catalogue available over internet
  • All your products will be Online as per Categories you have created in HDPOS smart.
  • Provide Several Images of the same item to better represent your products.
  • Your online Product price, Stock and Description will be same as you have entered in your HDPOS smart.
  • Create Custom Fields in your item to get advanced search filters.
  • Specify the Time Slots in a day for your online order deliveries. Customers on your website will be able to specify when they would like to receive the delivery from your delivery van.
  • Have a minimum Purchase Amount from your customer's to complete their web orders.

What's your customer's experience?

  • Your customers' will be able to view your website with all Products and Images.
  • Your customers' can easily navigate through your website as per Categories and Filters you have created.
  • Your customers' can create their own Login/Password and place online orders.
  • Your customers' can review their last orders and quickly repeat orders. This brings convenience to your online customers and more business to you.
  • Your customers' will receive Email Confirmation about the order placed.